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The Master Builder Award


Over the past 7 years we have heard some of the entrants of the Lower Left Coast NNL wanting

to know which model was number 1. Since we originally set the show up to be non competitive

we simply explained that wasn't how we did it at this show. However, this year we are going to

add a Master Builder Award. This award will be the only judged award of the show. Any kind of

model can be entered in the Master Builder Category from Box Stock to totally Scratch Built.

Master Builder Category models compete for the Master Builder Award only and are not be

eligible for any other award. There will be no additional registration fee for any model entered in

the Master Builder Class as long as the model is counted in the 10 models entered for the basic

entry fee of $10.00. All Master Builder models will be on a separate table and no other models

are permitted on that table. The winner will be picked by a 3 Judge panel using a critical judging

criteria. There will be only 1 Master Builder Award and the Judges decision is final.


The Rules:


1)  The builder listed on the entry form MUST be the builder of every part of the model, not

    the person that assembled components built by or painted by others.


2)  The use of all aftermarket parts, this includes one off custom made aftermarket parts, is



3)  No Die Cast or Wooden models allowed. All bodies must be either plastic, brass or resin.


4)  The model may be handled by the Judges during judging. If you do not want your model

    handled you must check the box on the place mat saying. "Do not handle".


5)  Only one Master Award given, winner takes all. All models is entered in the Master

    Builder Category are not eligible for Adult Fab Five, the Junior Top Trio or Theme




Vendor News


In addition to our normal kit sellers M & S Hobbies, Art Lasky with the Pro Tech line and Herb

Deeks will be selling aftermarket parts at the show.