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Copyright 2010-2014 by Daryl Gassaway.  All rights reserved.

Copyright 2010-2014 by Daryl Gassaway.  All rights reserved.

The Golden Age of Kustoms Model Car Challenge

Nostalgia Motor Sports (Michael Feinstein) and Model Cars Magazine have teamed up to bring you a unique multi-contest opportunity to showcase your Kustom painting and building skills!




                                 Chatsworth, CA.  For further information contact     


                                 Car Contest, Santa Maria, CA Fairgrounds.  Contact Don   

                                 Graham at kustomandhotrodmodelsmag@gmail.com

                                  Information go to www.LowerLeftCoast.org       

                                 and further information contact


         THE RULES


Replica – Build a replica of a real mild or wild Kustom from the golden age of Kustoms where the paint and styling were the major features, not necessarily radical custom body modifications.  For example, you could build a replica of a Kustom car that has never been featured as a kit from one of the major model car manufacturers, or you could do a super build of an existing kit.  Judging emphasis will be placed on creativity and fidelity to the real car/paint job so find a subject you like from one of the many available reference sources including Rik Hoving’s great website:  www.customcarchronicle.com.

Open – Build a mild or wild Kustom in the style of the golden age of Kustoms using your imagination.  Create something different within the basic rules of the contest.  Judging emphasis will be placed on creativity, overall paint and build quality and the “gotch’a” factor – does the model car attract attention across the table.  



The Grand Champion will receive a unique trophy, a $200 gift certificate and will be featured in a future issue of Model Cars Magazine.